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Wealth Management in Canada

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Managing Your Wealth

Wealth management can be defined as the ability to offer a full range of financial services and products to clients in a consultative way. The range of services includes financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal or estate planning.

Wealth management advisors help their clients reach their goals with private placements, alternative investments, income producing funds, and other financial products. They are high-level professionals who take care of all the fiscal needs of a client, coordinating advice from experts, the client’s attorney, accountant, and insurance agent.

Wealth management advisors help their clients reach their financial goals
Wealth Management  Toronto

How to Choose the Ideal Wealth Management Advisor

Wealth Management Ontario

Many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing the ideal wealth management advisor, including:

  • Strength and experience of the management team
  • Level of assets under management (AUM)
  • Whether the investment team has a reasonable share of their own wealth invested in the holdings they are proposing
  • Length of portfolio manager’s tenure at the firm
  • Length of performance track record
  • Level of risk in the strategy – measured by standard deviation
  • If there has been any recent change of control (through M&A activity, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Payment structure
  • Key employee retention plans
  • Consider all wealth management advisor options before making final decisions.
Choosing the best candidate to manage your wealth

Our Services Include:

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Relationships with outside advisors

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