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Exempt Market Dealers

Choose the right Exempt Market Dealer to help you with your alternative investments.

The Exempt Market is accessible to almost everyone since January 2016.

Why Use an Exempt Market Dealer?

Exempt Market Dealers trade in securities that are prospectus exempt, commonly known as alternative investments. They must be registered under the provincial securities legislation in one of the Canadian jurisdictions. Their activities are regulated by  National Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations which apply in every jurisdiction across Canada.

EMDs are professionals committed to helping investors reach their financial goals and building wealth through a diverse selection of private investment opportunities in the exempt market such as debt, equities, asset-backed securities and investment funds.

The exempt market has become more accessible to more Ontario residents since the Offering Memorandum Exemption was passed in January 2016, taking the total of eligible investors from approximately 200,000 to about four million.

EMDs are professionals committed to helping investors reach their financial goals and building wealth
Exempt Market Dealer Toronto

Choosing the Right Exempt Market Dealer?

Exempt Market Dealer Ontario

Exempt Market Dealers must satisfy the same obligations as other registered dealers, including but not limited to:

  • “Know Your Client" (KYC)
  • "Know Your Product" (KYP)
  • Trade suitability
  • Educational proficiency
  • Capital and solvency standards
  • Insurance
  • Audited financial statements
  • Compliance policies and procedures
  • Books and records
  • Client statements
  • Trade confirmations
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest and referral arrangements
  • Complaint handling and dispute resolution
  • Maintenance of internal controls and supervision sufficient to manage risks associated with its business
  • Prudent business practices requirements
  • Registration obligations and
  • Submission to regulatory oversight and dealer compliance reviews
The ideal EMD will tick all the above cases

Why Use the Services of an EMD?

  • They ensure your legal protection
  • They are proficient
  • They have broader capabilities
  • They provide peace of mind
  • They follow the best practices
  • They provide a dispute resolution mechanism

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