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Your Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario

All Ontario investors, irrespective of their income or net worth, are now eligible to invest in the Exempt Market.

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS ONTARIO has the experience and expertise to guide you throughout the investment process.

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We offer a diverse range of Exempt Market investment products tailored to meet your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

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The Exempt Market in Ontario is now open to a larger category of investors

Although relatively less known, the exempt market has existed for decades. In Ontario, prior to January 2016, it was accessible only to high-net-worth individuals (Net worth of at least $5 Millions, or have $1 million in cash and securities, or earn more than $200,000 a year, $300,000 with a spouse), which represented approximately 200,000 people in Ontario. Following the new Offering Memorandum exemptions, the market is now open to a larger category of investors, representing around four million Ontario residents.

These exemptions were developed after more than three years of discussions between regulators and interested parties. The new exemptions give more people access to these investments while protecting eligible investors and making the market more robust.

With the help of organizations such as the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA), ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS ONTARIO is striving to provide more exposure to the diverse range of investment opportunities available in Canada.

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  • Quality alternative investments with real tangible assets uncorrelated to the stock market
  • Registered dealing representatives and mortgage agents
  • 2013 EMDA (Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada) deal of the year award winner
  • Knowledgeable management

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